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Welcome to the Eastern Cape Camping Club web site: press_clear_dot.gif (49 bytes)
The Club is National and when you become a member of a region you are able to camp with any region of the Camping Club.

Activities / Participation:
It's up to you. We are an informal club that will respect your privacy. We do organize walks, etc, but it's your weekend and therefore your choice.

How much does it cost:
The fees are as follows:-
Membership is currently R250.00 per annum (Pensioners R125). To give us all a chance to get to know one another,  you are not committed to become a member for the first three camps. We charge a rally fee at each camp of  R25.00 ( for wood, rally stickers, chocolate drink, milk, sugar, etc ). The only other cost, apart from your petrol, is the campsite fee, which is usually at reduced rates. Naturally, it's up to you to bring your own food and drinks unless otherwise stated.

What about the Kids?
No problem! Many members have children, so they should enjoy themselves just as much as the grown ups. At Christmas, Easter and Guy Fawks we organize special events for the youngsters.

The only rules imposed are those outlined in our constitution.

We camp once a month, every month and try to take advantage of long weekends and where possible, school holidays as well.

On "normal" weekends we try to limit our travelling distance within a 1 hour radius of Port Elizabeth but during long weekends we do relax this rule and travel further.

We try to not visit a campsite twice in one year to prevent members from becoming bored with sites.

Although we are a camping club, both tents and caravans are allowed.

Membership is limited as to keep the club as intimate as possible.

Notice to Camping site Owners
Every member of the South African Camping Club undertakes to conform to the rules and regulations of the club and to observe the International Campers' Code which includes:-

  • To Camp with only Tents, Caravans and Equipment designed for camping and to maintain these in a clean, serviceable condition.
  • To keep his site scrupulously tidy and to leave it clean
  • To light no wood fires without permission and to take great care in all matters involving a fire hazard.
  • To obey all local regulations and to maintain the good name of the S.A.Camping Club at all Times


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